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Durable Sows in Group Housing

mon, 3 dec 2012
A lot is expected from sows in group housing: recovery from the previous round, durable pregnancy in the interim and preparation for the production of colostrum and milk in the next round. In addition, sows must not drop out due to injuries and lameness caused by having to fight for their pecking order.

Achieving optimal operating results for pregnant sows first and foremost requires a proper layout for the group housing; one that promotes quiet among sows (for example, comfortable lying areas, ways of escape and separation of functional use areas). In addition, a proper climate and predictable situations are important, which promotes sound feed management (draught as well as the inability to feed due to problems with feeding systems can cause sows to abort).

The composition of the premix in the sow feed is a further determining factor in the endurance of sows. This includes support for strong legs and healthy claws. Or a healthy skin that less easily becomes damaged or more rapidly recovers after incurring damage. Nuscience can provide you with advice concerning a premix that results in strong sows!

For additional information, please contact: Reijer Oudendorp or Marrit van Engen