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The Impact of Nutrition on Udder Health

mon, 3 dec 2012
Nuscience on 9 October 2012 organised a well-attended afternoon livestock study session under this header. The session dealt in further depth with the possibility of improving udder health and the health of dairy cattle in general using Mervit Mineral Mixes.

Udder health is an increasingly more important theme with an eye on more durable cows and the societal pressure aimed at significantly reducing the use of antibiotics. In addition, genetic changes are increasing cows’ milk production, which is causing health to increasingly come under pressure.

Two Zinpro inc. speakers explained the effect and application of (organically) bonded trace elements. In addition, they provided an overview of a large number of trials that demonstrated the effect of organically bonded trace elements and the negative impact of other nutrients, such as iron, on the utilisation of the administered trace elements. The key conclusion is that not only is it important for the provision of trace elements to be correctly worked out on paper, it is also important to take the utilisation of trace elements by the animal into account.

The second part of the afternoon session was looked after by Nuscience speakers. Nele Gyselink (Veterinary Surgeon) explained the positive effect of Aromabiotic Cattle on udder health. Aromabiotic Cattle is an additive produced by Nuscience that has a proven positive impact on various functions, such as rumen activity, milk production and udder health. There is a clear decline in the number of cells when Aromabiotic Cattle is administered. This positive effect is attributable to the quality of the white blood cells, which makes the cow more resistant to infections.

This information perfectly came together in the presentation made by Jeroen Krijnen (Livestock Product Manager) on the possibilities of improving health using the Mervit minerals product line. The Mervit minerals product line offers a large number of products for various types of rations and for different purposes. The above-mentioned additives have been incorporated into part of the Mervit Mineral Mixes in order to promote animal and udder health. In addition, the Mervit Mineral Mixes contain other ingredients that contribute to the metabolism and consequently indirectly to the health of the dairy cattle.