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Biotine for dairy cattle in Mervit

wed, 19 sep 2012
Biotine is regularly added to mixed feeds for dairy cattle. Biotine has positive effects on dairy cattle in terms of milk yield as well as claw health. Biotine’s best known effect is its positive effect on claw health. Its effect on milk yield is probably less well known, but is definitely very interesting as well. During trials with highly productive cows, an average increase in milk production of 1.3 kg of milk per cow per day was measured.

This makes Biotine an additive with a very good price/performance ratio. Finally, it should be noted that Biotine positively influences the cow’s general immune status.

Mervit BIOTINE-HC has been introduced specifically for application to dairy cattle. With this supplementary premix, the desired quantity of 20 mg Biotine per cow per day can be realised with a dose as low as 0.25 to 1%.

In addition, Nuscience has incorporated Biotine in a number of standard Mervit mineral mixes.