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Heat stress: Mervit BUFFER+ for dairy cattle

tue, 3 jul 2012
Due to their high milk production, dairy cattle are very active metabolically. At high temperatures they experience difficulty eliminating their heat resulting in heat stress which in turn causes feed intake and milk production to decline. A number of years ago we developed Mervit BUFFER+ as an antidote for this purpose.

This reduces the chance of rumen acidification and reduces the adverse impact of heat stress. MERVIT BUFFER+ contains a number of substances, including sodium bicarbonate and live yeasts, and can be fed as a supplement with another MERVIT Mineral Mix. At current levels of humidity heat stress can arise at temperatures as low as 19 oC. Cows become less active due to the high outside temperatures and consequently reduce their intake of roughage. However, the quantity of feed concentrates often stays the same. As a result of this the cow has to deal with a higher (average) share of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates in its ration. This results in rumen acidification. Mervit BUFFER+ reduces the chances of rumen acidification. In the event of heat stress, there is also an increase in the release of CO2 via the respiration. This results in a lower pH value of the blood which in turn is compensated through the additional absorption of bicarbonate. The additional quantity of bicarbonate is then at the expense of the quantity that would normally be channelled to the rumen and there is therefore a chance of rumen acidification through this mechanism as well.