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The importance of Taste

tue, 3 jul 2012
Taste; this was the subject of the symposium organised by Nuscience on 12 June 2012. Peter de Kok of NIZO explained that there is a whole world hidden behind taste; much of it invisible. Carola van der Peet explained that it is very important for piglets to eat as much solid food as possible before they are weaned.

And that piglets must continue eating after weaning; there are some piglets that will not eat anything for three days after weaning! Bram Gunter of Unicorn subsequently explained that the choice of raw materials (process, form) is a determining factor in taste. Finally, how these facets - taste, intake and choice of raw materials - are integrated into Nuscience’s piglet product line was explained by Nuscience’s Marrit van Engen:
- Babito, ‘candy’ feed in meal form as a supplement to sow’s milk;
- Babimel, milk gruel as a supplement to sow’s milk;
- Weanipops, gruel for raising orphaned piglets or as a liquid feeding supplement during the initial days after weaning;
- Crespina, pre-starter in meal form with blood plasma starting from 1 week prior to weaning to at most 1 week after weaning;
- Safina, premium pre-start pellets, ‘safe’ and ‘intake’ for optimal taste with maximum safety from 1 week prior to weaning to at most 2 weeks after weaning.

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