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Aromabiotic Cattle: Improved immunity and thus a better energy balance

tue, 20 dec 2016
A healthy start to lactation is essential for good milk production and fertility. Unfortunately, a lot of cows suffer from metabolic and infectious conditions in the period after calving. We know that Aromabiotic Cattle helps improve the cow's immunity and reduce the somatic cell count. New test results show that Aromabiotic Cattle not only improves immunity, but also reduces the risk of subclinical ketosis.

The results of a study carried out using Aromabiotic Cattle in the transition period were recently presented at the annual American dairy research conference. At the PUC-Minas University in Brazil, Aromabiotic Cattle was administered to half of a group of 30 Holstein cross cows from 3 weeks before to 3 weeks after calving. The milk production results were subsequently analysed and the level of beta-hydroxybutyric acid (BHBA) in the blood was determined. A raised level of BHBA in the blood (>1.2 mMol/L) is a good indicator of subclinical ketosis, or chronic milk fever. The cows which received Aromabiotic Cattle had a raised level of BHBA far less frequently than those which did not. At six weeks after calving, 40% of the cows in the control group had subclinical ketosis, as opposed to only 13% in the test group. Furthermore, the cows which had received Aromabiotic Cattle realised a higher milk production.

If you want to provide your cows with extra support in the transition period, we would be happy to tell you about the possibilities.