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Nuscience launches Babi®, the new piglet feed programme

tue, 20 dec 2016
With current genetics, production results and pressure on the use of antibiotics, piglets need an excellent start to be able to maximise their genetic potential. The big differences in genetics, weaning age and health status, among other things, means that the most suitable prestarter will vary from farm to farm.

Nuscience has developed the Babi® piglet feed programme specifically to address these differences; the programme comprises three feed lines: Babi® Delicious, for the highest feed intake, Babi® Dynamic for cost-efficient growth, and Babi® Robust for a safe, healthy start.

Each of these feed lines comprises a complete feed strategy for piglets in the farrowing stall and around weaning. The decision of which feed line to opt for will be determined by the feed intake of piglets before and around weaning and the health status at the farm. A few new products, such as Babistar Flex crumble and Babistar Safe, have also been introduced and the Babito has been further developed.

For more information about these products, please contact your Nuscience contact person.