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Vita GP

wed, 12 oct 2016
With the prohibition of antibiotics as a growth promoter and the increasing awareness of antibiotics resistance, it is important to offer alternative nutritional solutions. Nuscience developed a natural growth promoter: Vita GP. Vita GP focuses on improving the performance and general health of the animal.

In addition to the familiar medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) formula, Vita GP also includes INSOLFI, a soluble, non fermentable fibre. This formula ensures that the performance of Vita GP covers the full gastro intestinal system, from stomach through large intestine.
MCFA perform an antibacterial effect in the stomach. Furthermore, the INSOLFI fibre binds pathogenic bacteria and removes them from the intestine (washing out effect). Fibres can be classified based on solubility. In general, a soluble fibre is fermentable, and non-soluble fibres are not. One of the INSOLFI fibre’s properties is that it is perfectly soluble but not fermentable. On the one hand, this means the fibre will readily mix with the intestinal contents, with high availability for reacting with pathogenic bacteria. On the other hand, not being fermentable, bacteria will not be able to feed on the fibre. The fibre will agglutinate with pathogens, rendering them harmless as they are cleared out the animal’s system via the faeces. This makes Vita GP highly suitable as an additive, providing nutritional support against ileitis and preventing unnecessary loss of energy due to local intestinal infections. This energy can instead be used for growth, resulting in better animal performance.