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Babistar Flex and Babistar Flex PF now also available as crumble!

wed, 12 oct 2016
From today on, thanks to the new plant, the prestarters Babistar Flex and Babistar Flex PF are also available as crumble. This significantly improves the ease of use of these products after weaning, as crumbs come with a lower risk of bridging in the feed troughs. During the production process, we pay special attention to the temperature profile and pellet hardness. This enables us to retain the excellent palatable and digestible level for the piglets.

Babistar Flex is a prestarter specifically developed for piglets with a low weight at 38 days after weaning and low pre-weaning feed intake. This prestarter contains only highly palatable and digestible protein sources, treated grains, whey powders and fat sources. Feeding Babistar Flex up to three days after weaning makes it easier to maintain the intestinal health and intestinal functionality. This results in improved performance after weaning as well as during the entire lifespan of the piglet.

Thanks to the excellent palatable and digestible qualities, Babistar Flex can also be used as snack feed. This flexibility further enhances the convenience of using Babistar Flex.