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Vitanox as a vitamin E replacement

wed, 12 oct 2016
The increased prices of vitamin E make it interesting to start comparing with Vitanox, based on natural anti-oxidants. Fast growth of the animals and high productivity are absolute requirements to pig farmers. This places a certain amount of stress on the animals. More stress is caused in the form of weaning stress, litter stress, feed changes, sickness and heat stress. Combined, this translates into oxidative stress in the body cells of the animals.

Oxidative stress arises from a disrupted balance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS), and the available anti-oxidative protection against these. A disrupted balance results in increased permeability of the intestinal epithelium for toxins and bacteria as the tight-junction proteins are destroyed.

If half of the vitamin E in the feed is replaced by Vitanox, the synergistic effect is expressed in a better health status and better feed conversion.

The economic evaluation of this farm experiment (vitamin E price at 5.30 euros/kg) shows a clear economic benefit of + 2 euros/animal.

We also performed testing relating to the oxidative stability of the meat. When measuring oxidative stress parameters, no significant differences were found in the meat. The same meat stability was obtained when some of the vitamin E was replaced by Vitanox.

If you require more information on replacing vitamin E by Vitanox, please contact your Nuscience contact person or send an email to