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Water soluble ‘Heatstop’; against heat stress in poultry

fri, 10 jun 2016
High temperatures, particularly in combination with high humidity, lead to heat stress in high-performance poultry. The animals try to get rid of as much heat as possible by panting, which results in water in the lungs. Accelerated breathing leads to a rise in pH of the blood and secretion of sodium, potassium and bicarbonate via the kidneys.

This disturbs the acid-base balance. Consequently, feed intake will decline, technical results will be negatively influenced and mortality may increase.

A further consequence of high temperatures is the decline in vitamin C in the blood, vitamine C has a function in controlling body temperature.

The application of Heatstop, containing electrolytes and vitamin C, can prevent the negative effects of heat stress in poultry. Maintaining the correct pH of the blood, increasing resistance to heat and reducing the rise in body temperature will improve feed intake and technical results in warm circumstances and help to reduce mortality.

Heatstop is water soluble and can be added to drinking water. In our climate, barn temperatures can rise suddenly. Respond quickly to this by adding Heatstop to the drinking water. Heatstop can also be added to poultry feed.

Heatstop has been successfully applied in practice for many years.