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Interesting results from the mineral feed survey

fri, 10 jun 2016
At the beginning of this year, Nuscience conducted a survey concerning the use of minerals by dairy farmers. The detailed results of this survey could help you to optimise your range of minerals and give insight into what livestock farmers consider to be important. From the survey, it appears 89% of livestock farmers feed minerals. They do that mainly to resolve problems rather than to prevent them. It is remarkable that hardly any livestock farmers feed minerals to improve production and/or efficiency.

The main reason why dairy farmers use minerals is to improve fertility (63%). When asked what livestock farmers mainly wish to invest in future with mineral mixtures, the response was lifespan (47%) and fertility (37%).

The choice for mineral mixture is mainly determined by the consultant from the compound feed company. Over 70% indicated the choice for mineral mixture is mainly established after close consultation with th’s consultant. Some of the livestock farmers indicated they would like to receive more information about signs of deficiency and/or excessive mineral use in their cows.

If you wish to receive information about the other results from this survey, please contact your account manager.