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Vitacid: liquid acid mixtures with MCFA

fri, 10 jun 2016
Good intestinal health is essential for the health and growth performance of piglets and porkers. Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) are known because of their antimicrobial and health supporting effects. The combination of MCFA with pH-reducing organic acids, results in synergistic effects. Nuscience is now able to offer liquid MCFA mixtures with organic acids from its own production.

Nuscience has years of experience in using MCFA in Aromabiotic. The use of Aromabiotic results in improved intestinal health, improved immunity and general animal health, improved technical performance and a higher efficiency. Through our extensive experience, we have acquired significant knowledge about MCFA combinations with organic acids. Advanced research has led to the development of acid mixtures with the greatest possible synergetic effect. The combination of MCFA with certain organic acids appeared to lead to reduced effects, while others resulted in improved performance and animal health. One plus one does not always add up to two in these situations. Until now, these mixtures were only available in dry form. As from today, Nuscience is able to offer these Vitacid acid mixtures in liquid form as well.

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