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Porcito Prestarters: Babistar Pro in the picture

fri, 10 jun 2016
Babistar Pro is the Nuscience piglet feed that combines a good feed intake with a high digestibility and intestinal health support. It is ideal to use it as a prestarter at a late weaning age and for genetics with a high feed intake. A good feed intake and a high digestibility of the feed during the weaning period are essential to maintain intestinal health of the piglets and to benefit from their growth potential. At the time of weaning, a piglet’s natural immunity is not sufficiently developed, while they also lose the passive immunity of the sow. It is therefore essential to support the piglet’s immune system.

Babistar Pro uses pallatable and highly digestible raw materials, such as purified and pregelatinized grains, high-quality fat sources, the tastiest dairy sources and highly digestible protein sources. These raw materials stimulate the feed intake of the animals, while also ensuring optimal digestion of the feed. This helps to prevent intestinal problems. Additionally, Babistar Pro contains the unique Nuscience health concept of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). These fatty acids ensure further support of intestinal health and immunity.

Thanks to these properties, Babistar Pro results in excellent performance, combined with optimum piglet health. Babistar Pro is therefore highly suitable as a follow-up to Babito, and can be fed from 14 days after birth to 14 days after weaning.