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Review on Antimicrobial Resistance

fri, 27 may 2016
In May a review on Antimicrobial Resistance was published in the UK. The review was conducted by Economist Jim O’Neil.

O’Neil has analyzed the global problem of antimicrobial resistance. More information can be found here. The full report can be read here.

In the report 10 fronts are described to tackle antimicrobial resistance internationally, one of which is agriculture.

The following three steps are proposed:

  • 10-year targets to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use in agriculture, introduced in 2018 with milestones to support progress consistent with countries’ economic development.
  • Restrictions and/or bans on certain types of highly critical antibiotics.
  • Improve transparency

Aromabiotic Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA) are thus an indispensable tool to reach those future targets! In 2000, the Nuscience R&D division already invented and patented Aromabiotic MCFA. Nuscience is the founding father, the very first who successfully offers the market this alternative for antibiotics with animals. Ever since we are helping feed millers, integrators and farmers, all over the world, to improve their feed and avoid the over-use of antibiotics. Results show we improve the animals’ health and maximize their growth.
In this way we create economic value for the customer and ensure healthier food for the consumer.