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Porcito: Babistar Gold in the picture

mon, 29 feb 2016
Both high feed intake and great health are critical factors in starting up piglets after weaning. The Nuscience prestarter Babistar Gold combines tasty ingredients and immunity-supporting ingredients to guarantee both high feed intake and great health. High post-weaning feed intake is essential to minimise weaning stress in piglets and maintain their intestinal health.

Additionally, Babistar Gold also contains the unique Nuscience health concept of medium-chain fatty acids. Among other things, this assures further support of the piglets’ immunity system in the weaning period. This is just the time when the animals’ immunity is under the most pressure. Based on great taste and promoting animal health, Babistar Gold results in high pre-weaning feed intake, and an optimal post-weaning start of piglets. This results in high growth performance and healthy piglets after the weaning period.

Stress, reduced intestinal health and reduced immunity after the weaning period are key factors in the occurrence of a wide range of problems such as E. Coli, S. Suis and ear tip necrosis. To prevent all these issues, high feed intake before and after weaning is essential. In Babistar Gold, this is realised with high-quality protein sources, unlocked grains and high-quality milk products in combination with a balanced, tasty sweet and sour combination. It has been demonstrated above that the Nuscience medium-chain fatty acids assure longer life of neutrophils (immune system cells), in particular in stress situations such as during the weaning process. In terms of formula and taste, Babistar Gold is a perfect complement for Babito snack feed. This makes Babistar Gold ideal for closing the gap between the snack feed and the weaning feed for piglets. Babistar Gold is given from day 14 onwards (after Babito snack feed), up to 5 - 10 days after weaning.