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Tackle stress in poultry: add Vitarelax to the drinking water!

wed, 25 nov 2015
In times of stress in poultry, changes are noticeable in their bodies. These lead to a decrease in the technical results with economic losses as a consequence. There are different types of stress. Oxidative stress is when an imbalance between oxidation and anti-oxidants is disrupting the integrity and health of cells. In oxidative stress, the production of free radicals is higher than the body’s ability to eliminate these reactive oxygen species.

Anti-oxidants are often included in animal feeds to counter oxidative stress. Well-known examples are vitamin E and selenium. If these components are insufficiently present in the feed, the advice is to add extra anti-oxidants.

Another form of stress in poultry is heat stress. High temperatures, in particular in combination with high humidity, will lead to lower feed intake and deteriorated technical results in high-performance poultry. In the case of heat stress, the advice is to add sufficient electrolytes, with the purpose of redressing the mineral balance in the blood. Adding vitamins will help keep the body temperature at the right level.

Stress can also arise in poultry after diseases and vaccination. This will cause the quantities of vitamins in the body to decrease due to poor absorption, liver mobilisation, quicker consumption in tissues or changed catabolism in the kidneys. In such situations, it is recommended to add extra vitamins in order to restore the vitamin levels in the body.

As a solution against oxidative stress, heat stress and stress after diseases and vaccination, Nuscience developed Vitarelax. Vitarelax is water soluble and can be added to the drinking water by the poultry farmer. This allows the farmer to quickly respond to stress development.