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Porcito / Babistar Flex in the picture: perfect for lighter piglets

wed, 25 nov 2015
The share of light piglets during weaning is continuously growing due to the significant increase in litter size. With Babistar Flex, Nuscience can offer the ideal solution for lighter weaned piglets! We know that during weaning, lighter piglets have lower feed intake and less developed intestines at the moment of weaning. This is why it is important to stimulate feed intake of these lighter weaned piglets before and during weaning as much as possible in order to enable them to mature into a full pig.

Babistar Flex was developed with special focus on feed intake, growth and health of the lightest piglets. Giving this prestarter until a few days after weaning too can significantly reduce the weaning dip. After all, we know that feed intake just prior to and around weaning has a major influence on the performance of the piglets. This is in particular the case for lighter weaned piglets. In tests where piglets were fed Babistar Flex (up to 3 days after weaning!), the weight at 38 days after weaning was higher by 1.9 kg compared to piglets that were given a control prestarter in the same period. The positive impact on intestinal health around weaning clearly has an impact during the entire rearing period. This shows that feeding a high-quality prestarter is of great importance.