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MCFAs as an alternative to high copper levels in porkers

thu, 10 sep 2015
From 21 September, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will start inspections in pig farms to check compliance with the statutory standard for copper in pig feed. Feed for pigs of 12 weeks and older may contain a maximum of 25 milligrams of copper per kilo. An estimated 30% of companies give pigs a high-copper feed for too long. Aromabiotic gives Nuscience tried and tested alternatives for supporting intestinal health in pigs.

Aromabiotic is a valuable alternative in order to stabilise the intestinal flora and promote intestinal health. Aromabiotic has a powerful anti-microbial effect against pathogens such as Brachyspira, E. Coli, Clostridium and Salmonella, and also lowers the pathogenicity of various bacteria such as Salmonella and Clostridium. Other effects are improved gut morphology and a positive impact on the animals’ immunity. Thanks to its broad performance spectre, Aromabiotic promotes the health and technical performance and therefore also the economic result in porkers.