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Minerals are important - also at low milk prices!

thu, 10 sep 2015
The current milk price necessitates many dairy farms to spend money only on essentials. A livestock farmer could consider temporarily not using a mineral mix. However, such short-term savings can be long-term expenses. If minerals, trace elements and vitamins are sub-optimal, the fertility and health of the animals come under pressure. After a few months, this is visible in the number of animals with health issues and lower performance of the animals. You will see that the milk prices will just then go up again!

The start of the stable season is a good time to optimise mineral provision. From the statistics of GD (Animal Health Service) tank milk surveys, it is clear that companies where cattle go out to the field, animals are shown to have lower Cu, Zn and Se levels during the summer. The reverse is true for vitamin D3 levels, as the cow builds up a store of vitamin D under sunlight, which can be used in the first months of the stable period. Ideally, giving a mineral mix or feed concentrate allows the animals to keep up the mineral levels even during the field period. If this is not (entirely) possible, it is important to give extra minerals at the start of the stable period.

How to optimise provision of minerals, trace elements and vitamins for your cattle:

  • Analyse silage, in particular grass silage, on minerals and trace elements.
  • Also check the rations, not only for lactating animals, but also for the dry cows and younger cattle.
  • Depending on the type of ration, choose the right Mervit mineral mix for each animal group.

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