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Vitatip against ear necrosis in weaned piglets

thu, 10 sep 2015
The problem of ear necrosis is increasing worldwide. The current ear necrosis problems are prevalent throughout the year, while in the past the disease mainly occurred in autumn and winter. Ear necrosis problems generally start in the battery. Nuscience developed Vitatip specifically to decrease ear necrosis in piglets. The exact cause of ear necrosis is hard to define. A combination of poor circulation and the presence of toxin producing bacteria (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus) on the ear surface often start the condition.

The underlying cause of ear necrosis is based on many factors. We know that different factors, such as: presence of mycotoxins or endotoxins, water quality, number of piglets together, floor surface, ventilation, low feed intake around weaning, infection with viruses such as PCV or PRRS can play a role in ear necrosis incidence. With Vitatip, piglets and their immune systems are more resistant to various stressors, reducing their vulnerability to ear necrosis. Field tests showed that using Vitatip is very successful in countering ear necrosis in pig farms that had the problem!