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MervoBest of sustainable soy

tue, 10 mar 2015
In the past few years, various parties, including Nevedi, collaborated within the Dutch Foundation Chain Transition Sustainable Soy, with the aim of setting up certification of soybean meal that complies with sustainability requirements. For example relevant to working conditions, responsible use of pesticides and countering deforestation. The intention is that the translation to the market will be completed in 2015. Nuscience supports this initiative with MervoBest SOY, facilitating the use of sustainable soy in the sector.

In the Netherlands, about 1.8 million tons of soybean meal are used annually for feedstuffs purposes. Approximately 700,000 tons of this amount are used to produce animal products consumed in the Netherlands. The Dutch retail sector requires, or will be requiring in the course of 2015, for such animal products for human consumption sold in the Netherlands to be produced with sustainable soybean meal in accordance with the criteria of the Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) or equivalent. Additionally, the agreement is that soybean meal used in the Netherlands for feedstuffs purposes for exporting animal products for human consumption must comply with minimum sustainability requirements in accordance with the Nevedi covenant.

The dairy sector’s requirement is that both soybean meal and soy hulls used for the production of all milk delivered to the Dutch dairy industry are RTRS or equivalent. Procurement of RTRS soybean meal in this context is possible via the supply chain models Book & Claim and Mass Balance. The dairy industry leaves purchasing certificates/credits to the compound feed industry. In 2015 this can be done fully in accordance with Book & Claim. In subsequent years the Book & Claim share should decrease with a corresponding increase in the Mass Balance share, up to full Mass Balance in 2020. The certificates/credits must correspond with the volume of RTRS soybean meal used.

A key source of soybean meal in dairy cattle feedstuffs and rations is treated soybean meal in the form of MervoBest SOY by Nuscience. The sales of this MervoBest SOY are represented by Cefetra. When purchasing MervoBest SOY, you can purchase the required certificates/credits.