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Porcito: Babimel Wean in the picture

tue, 10 mar 2015
Adequate feed intake immediately after weaning is essential for retaining intestinal functionality. Giving piglets supplementary liquid feed with Babimel Wean after weaning will allow for having piglets eating quicker after weaning. Recent tests proved it again: giving extra liquid feed to piglets a few days after weaning can improve growth in the first post-weaning week by as much as 30%! Additionally, adequate post-weaning feed intake is important for maintaining intestinal health, and decreasing the animals’ sensitivity to infections. Adding Babimel Wean in the first days after weaning will lead to healthier piglets and better post-weaning performance.

In order to maintain the piglets’ intestinal health, it is important to have them eating as soon as possible. This stimulates absorption of nutrients and makes piglets less vulnerable to infections. For example, this can significantly decrease the number of streptococcus infections. A smooth start after weaning has a positive effect on growth during the entire rearing period.
Babimel Wean was specifically developed for giving piglets supplementary liquid feed after weaning. Dissolve 1 kg of Babimel Wean in 2 litres of hot water and feed it to the piglets three times every day. The formula of Babimel Wean consists of tasty and easily digestible ingredients. The solubility of the ingredients was a factor in the ingredient selection. This way, the mixture stays homogeneous for a long time, enhancing intake and ease of use.