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Successful Nuscience participation in Agricultural Days in Hardenberg

tue, 25 nov 2014
On 21, 22 and 23 October, the annual LIV took place in Hardenberg. With over 20,000 visitors, Nuscience’s event was very successful. The introduction of our new piglet feed range Porcito was a highlight in terms of customer interest.

Many visitors visited our stand to find out more about our piglet feed concept. We mainly focused on health, digestibility and paratability. That our prestarters are very tasty indeed was proven by the fact that many visitors tasted the prestarters themselves and thought they were delectable! The feed bowls on the stand were literally a favourite grub.

Nuscience also launched an interesting event promotion. The winner of our competition received 1,000 kg of one of our tasty prestarters. This makes for another happy user.

Overall, the event could be called highly successful for Nuscience. Nuscience will also be present at the LIV’15 Exhibition in Venray from 24 through 26 February. We would be happy to see you back at our stand.