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Porcito: Babimel Cream in the picture

tue, 25 nov 2014
Due to increasing litter size, the average birth weight, weaning weight and uniformity of the weaned piglets decreases. This is why Nuscience developed Babimel Cream, the all-in porridge that supports healthier, heavier and more uniform piglets around weaning.

New-born piglets have very high nutritional needs, but their gastrointestinal tract is geared towards absorbing liquid food. Realising high feed absorption is required to be able to wean well-developed, uniform piglets. Babimel Cream is Nuscience’s answer to this issue. It has a high content of tasty and easily digestible dairy, oils and sources of protein. This enables high absorption of the product. This means more piglets can be kept with the sow, decreasing the need for foster sows or automated systems. Babimel Cream can be supplemented to piglets with the sow from day two onwards. If absorption is high enough, the piglets can be switched to a dry pre-starter in the Nuscience range. Also, Babimel Cream has long-term stability. This promotes feed absorption, and also results in cleaner feed bowls that are easier to clean.