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Progress of construction new factory in Belgium

tue, 30 sep 2014
At the end of 2013, Nuscience started the construction of a new factory on their site in Drongen. Currently, the first phase of the work has been completed. The large and intermediate warehouses are now in use. The two loading docks to facilitate easier loading and unloading of lorries are also operational.

The second phase, which includes the construction of the macro and production towers, is in full swing. Work is continuing on the installation of electricity and technology in both warehouses. For the logistics transport around the buildings and on the loading docks, specially adapted, durable paving was chosen to avoid rutting caused by lorries and holes in the road surface. 

Design drawings in 3D were used during the entire building project. This has received positive reactions. It offers many opportunities for the project team and makes working around the design much more tangible. Moreover, it enables the early identification of possible issues before the final calculations and drawings are made.