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Nuscience is working on healthy dairy cattle and longer lifespan

tue, 30 sep 2014
Healthy cows live longer. This may seem a logical fact, but that isn't the case. The average age of dairy herds in the Netherlands is mainly affected by economic factors such as the price of milk, and to a much lesser extent by, for example, better udder health or fertility. The majority of dairy farmers appears to have limited interest in extending the life of their dairy cows, and yet it is also in the interest of those dairy farmers to keep their cows healthy.

Healthy cows give more work enjoyment and produce more milk. Working with animals that produce effortlessly is extremely enjoyable, and every healthy cow produces more milk than those recovering from illness. Nuscience works on solutions to increase the health and productivity of your herd on a daily basis. One example is Mervit Fertility, which helps highly productive cows become pregnant faster. Early pregnancy in cows or heifers ensures a better condition at the moment of birth. Not only is the calving process smoother, but also the start of the lactation. Undoubtedly that will result in more work enjoyment. And about increasing the longevity of the herd, that is up to the farmer.