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Porcito: Babimel Lac in the picture

tue, 30 sep 2014
Every edition of the newsletter will feature a product from the Porcito range. We are kicking off with Babimel Lac. Sows’ milk remains the best diet for piglets but sometimes there is no other option than to wean some of the piglets early. Babimel Lac is a milk replacer especially developed for the motherless rearing of piglets.

It contains ingredients with strong attention to solubility, palatability, safety and growth. It is therefore a perfect replacement for sows’ milk for piglets that have been weaned early. Babimel Lac is a long-lasting stable product which is not prone to foaming. These characteristics make it extremely suitable for use in automated systems. In this way, piglets weaned early and fed through an automated system can be reared as successfully as sow-reared piglets.