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New regulations 2014 concerning cobalt

fri, 21 mar 2014
For the supply of vitamin B12, ruminants are dependent on the formation of vitamin B12 by the microflora in the rumen. Cobalt is an essential trace element for the production of vitamin B12. Last year, legislation concerning cobalt has changed.

Cobalt is no longer added to feed for pigs and poultry. Cobalt may only be processed in feed for, amongst others, ruminants with a functional rumen, horses and rodents with a maximum of 1 mg per kg dry matter of complete feed. Recently, new legislation concerning cobalt in animal feed was published following an amendment to the legislation of last year. In this new legislation, a distinction is made between the processing of the accepted cobalt sources in compound feed in powder form and in non-powder form. Additionally, with a view to protective measures during the processing of the most accepted cobalt sources, a sentence must be added to the label of the compound feed stating that exposure through inhalation or through the skin must be avoided. Furthermore, the EU identification numbers of cobalt sources have been changed. Nuscience processes a cobalt source in its premixes and mineral mixes which may be used in both pressed and powder feeds. This cobalt source also gives the least risk of negative effects for end-users and no extra measures concerning the danger of cobalt require to be mentioned on the labels.