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Copper supplementation for cattle

fri, 21 mar 2014
The Animal Health Service has recently expanded its bulk tank milk study to include copper. In addition to an analysis of the dairy herd’s daily intake of iodine and selenium, dairy farmers who subscribe to this study will now also receive information about the intake of copper on herd level. Nuscience can help you regulate this trace element supplementation.

In the Netherlands, both a deficiency and an excess of copper are found, although the risk of a deficiency is clearly greater. A too low copper supply will lead to a reduction of the copper values in milk and blood while the liver reserves will be challenged. As long as the supply in the liver is sufficient, there is no acute problem. A well known symptom of copper deficiency is the discolouration of the hair around the eyes, the typical “copper glasses”. However, this symptom is not always visible. Other symptoms are reduced joint development, reduced fertility, lameness and diarrhoea. High levels of other trace elements can reduce the utilisation of copper in the feed. A balanced ration with the right minerals is therefore essential. If it is not possible to balance the levels of inorganic minerals and trace elements in the ration, organically bound trace elements may be used. Nuscience has a suitable product for every situation to eliminate any deficits.

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