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New approach against mycotoxins: Vitafix Select, Plus and Ultra

fri, 21 mar 2014
Nuscience has developed a range of products against mycotoxins. Reduced feed intake, increased feed conversion and fertility problems are all effects of mycotoxins in feed. One negative effect of mycotoxins that is still underestimated is the suppression of the immune system of animals, resulting in more susceptibility of animals to diseases.

Vitafix provides protection based on two strategies: adsorption of a wide range of mycotoxins and biotransformation (Vitafix Plus and Ultra) whereby mycotoxins are converted to a non-toxic metabolite. The most important mycotoxins are aflatoxin, DON, ZEA, ochratoxin and fumonisin, however, more than 300 mycotoxins have been identified. Mycotoxins are often found in feed after analysis when it is clear that there are problems. However it is also possible that mycotoxins are not detected in the feed, but are still causing the unexplained problems. The latter is because mycotoxins can be bound to sugars in the feed. They are released when ingested by the animal and can still cause damage. These are so-called ‘masked’ mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are often overlooked as the cause of clinical and subclinical problems. Use Vitafix when a mycotoxin contamination can be expected in the feed or when it has been proven. Vitafix provides maximum protection against mycotoxins for all animal species!

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