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Vitasow: Sow premix ‘Vital’ for healthy piglets

fri, 22 nov 2013
Litters are getting bigger and the average birth weight is becoming lower; it is therefore essential that piglets are born healthy. Healthy piglets get on their feet quickly after birth, are active and search the sow’s udder. They have sufficient energy to compete with their litter mates for the best teat and drink plenty of colostrum, and later plenty of milk. They need colostrum for energy and immunity. Factors that play a role in the vitality of piglets

include: nutrition during gestation of the sow (recipe, quantity and schedule) and condition of the sow when giving birth, duration of birth (acidification of the blood), pen temperature (body temperature and required energy). Premixes are important in this context because they add essential components to the feed that are specifically aimed at healthy pigs. Please contact your account manager to further discuss the vision of Nuscience on this theme.