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Lower cell count in tests with Mervit Udder Health

fri, 22 nov 2013
The use of antibiotics in the Dutch livestock industry must be reduced. The objective of the government is to achieve a reduction in 2015 of 70% compared to 2009. Less possibilities to correct health issues with antibiotics afterwards means that a good animal immune response is crucial. The use of the right feed supplements can make a significant contribution in this regard. Mervit UDDER HEALTH has a four-fold approach to immunity (contains Aromabiotic Cattle among other things). It helps, for example, to reduce the cell count in dairy cows and to reduce the number of new udder infections.

Moreover, improved cow health has a positive influence on milk yield and fertility. The extensive use of antibiotics in the livestock industry is classed as a risk for the formation of resistant bacterial strains and thus public health. Meanwhile, the opinion of the public also plays a role. As a result of the new policy, the average use in the dairy farming sector has already been reduced from 4.7 animal defined daily doses per year (ADD/y) in 2011 to 2.9 ADD/y in 2012. This is evident from the annual report of the Netherlands Veterinary Medicines Authority (SDa). In 2008, 57.6% of all antibiotics in the dairy farming sector was still being applied in the udder. In the meantime, this has increased to 89.7%, which means that it is precisely here where the greatest challenge lies in achieving the objectives for 2015. The key to success lies in improving hygiene throughout the entire business operation and maximising the cow’s immunity.

In various practical tests, the cell count was reduced by 50% with Mervit UDDER HEALTH. Are you aiming for maximum immunity? If so, please contact your Nuscience contact person or send an email to