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Extra attention when weaning piglets in the autumn

thu, 12 sep 2013
In the autumn, the stress involved during weaning is heightened by the changes in the climate. The consequences of draught and/or too low temperatures in the section can have adverse effects like aggression, reduced growth and digestion problems. In addition to checking the climate settings, it is therefore worth taking the time to optimise the feed intake of piglets, both before and after weaning. Nuscience offers several solutions.

The application of Weanipops after weaning produces good results in practice. Weanipops is a liquid prestarter with a high content of dairy and easily digestible proteins. Moreover, it contains immunoglobulin to support the piglets’ resistance. Feeding a small quantity of Weanipops twice daily for four days after weaning increases the share of piglets that have taken feed shortly after weaning. Research and experience shows that this prevents problems with gut health and reduced growth. For more information about the use of Weanipops, please contact one of our assistants.