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MERVOBEST® Seminar “Sustainable animal feed for a healthy dairy chain” extremely successful!

thu, 12 sep 2013
On Thursday 5 September, Nuscience organised a seminar to mark the occasion of the renovation of the MervoBest factory. Some 150 guests from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Croatia and Hungary, among others, participated in this seminar.

Katrien de Schepper, COO at Nuscience, emphasized the innovation citing the improved MervoBest products and 2 new variants, MervoBest Zon and MervoBest HP, as an example. Frank van Ooijen, responsible for sustainability within Campina, gave the guests an account of how Campina approaches this theme. Sustainability is no longer simply a nice buzzword; but more so a given concept that should be substantiated by all parties in the chain. Campina stressed that the developments with MervoBest are wonderful initiatives. Cefetra, a long-time business partner of MervoBest, gave a glimpse into the protein market from a broader perspective, they are successful in implementing sustainable protein sources. The MervoBest products will mainly come from these certified sources.
Schothorst Feed Research introduced their E@dairy programme and explained the feed evaluation. In doing so, it became clear that the MervoBest products score exceptionally well with their high durability and digestibility, also compared to competitive products.
Hans Blonk from Blonk Consultancy revealed the initiatives that are taking place in the EU in the context of Environmental Footprint. Calculations show that the use of MervoBest delivers savings of approximately 10%. A saving of no less than 19% is achieved on the environmental footprint with regard to heat-treated products. Lastly, Katrien De Smet, Group Product Manager Dairy showed that the use of MervoBest products can deliver savings of almost €10,000 per 100 cattle per annum. She also introduced the new products MervoBest Zon and MervoBest HP. Both new innovative products are going to contribute nicely to increasing the dairy farm’s profitability.
At the end of the seminar, all the guests visited MervoBest’s fully modernised production facility. During the visit, the improved conditioning in the production process was explained and 2 new loading streets and the brand new ship loader were viewed. For further information about the MervoBest seminar, including presentations, brochures and photos, visit