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ADR transport under review

tue, 25 jun 2013
Many premixes classified as ADR approved, are categorised under ADR Class 9. Nuscience has been following this procedure of classifying and labelling premixes as hazardous substances and ADR since the spring of 2010. Another check was recently carried out to ensure that the rules are being adhered to. The conclusion was that Nuscience operates correctly with regard to, for instance, the identification and quality of the packaging, and provides ADR-worthy transport of the products to the customer. Very soon, the second ADR-worthy semitrailer for bulk products will arrive so that we can also transport the large volumes of premixes ADR worthy.

Requirements for the transport of dangerous goods are included in the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Specific requirements have been established for the transport and handling of ADR goods, including requirements in relation to documents, packaging, vehicles and staff training. The ADR conditions are applicable to premixes that fall in the “environmentally dangerous” and “corrosive” hazard classifications.