New for poultry

Change the perspective of broiler rearing

In order to have good overall results in broilers, it is necessary to maintain a good gut health. Departing from good management practices and biosecurity, this is within reach providing an optimal feed formulation containing the right functional feed ingredients.

M-prove® Poultry: optimise profits, lift health


Several classes of additives have proven their effect on broiler performance. Nuscience already has a vast experience with medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) being highly effective in case of high infection pressures. The Nuscience R&D department effectuated a broad screening of phytogenic compounds having a mode action complementary to the antibacterial effect of MCFA (e.g. increasing enzyme secretion).

M-prove® Poultry combines MCFA with phytogenics in an optimal mixture for the perfect result. Nuscience R&D department discovered a synergistic effect between both active ingredients making it the ideal product to optimise technical performances and economical results.

Trials show that M-prove® Poultry is able to increase animal performance. Contact Manu De Laet for more information.