Aromabiotic Poultry

Get more than expected

Aromabiotic Poultry is the insurance for your broiler and turkey business. Scientific results were confirmed in numerous field trials using different genetics all over the world.

Aromabiotic Poultry is a carefully balanced mixture of Medium Chain Fatty Acids with unique antimicrobial, physiological and immunological properties.


Gut health is of utmost importance


For years the focus of broiler breeding companies has been the improvement of growth rate and feed conversion. These improvements have put tremendous stress on the health of the animals with an increase in the incidence of metabolic disorders. Therefore bird health and more specific gut health, plays an important role in ensuring optimal performance. 


Key benefits of Aromabiotic Poultry


Trials have shown:

  • an improved growth rate
  • an improved feed efficiency
  • an improved breast meat yield
  • improved litter quality


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