Aromabiotic Cattle

for healthy and cost-effective nutrition of calves, dairy and beef cattle

Aromabiotic Cattle contains medium chain fatty acids for which trials have shown an effect on rumen microflora and immunity, resulting in lower somatic cell count and a better feed conversion rate.

For dairy cows

Genetic selection for high milk production has resulted in the dairy cow becoming a super-production animal. Supplementation with Aromabiotic Cattle, being a carefully balanced mixture of Medium Chain Fatty Acids, supports the dairy cow by improving the rumen fermentation and the immune status.

The improved immunity has been demonstrated by research done by Prof. S. De Vliegher and Dr. S. Piepers at the University of Ghent. Trials have shown that the supplementation with Aromabiotic Cattle increases significantly blood and milk neutrophil viability and thus improves the immune status of the animals, both the systemic and the local immune system in both heifers and multiparous cows.


For calves

Aromabiotic Cattle is used in calf milk replacers and calfstarter for a better and healthier start. Trials have showed an improved daily gain, a better FCR and an improved health status of the animals.


For beef cattle

Through the effect on the health status of the animals positive observations have also been described on the growth of beef cattle. 


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