Babi® - Feeding program

Babi® feeding program for piglets

Genetic progress has provided us with more piglets and piglets with a higher growth potential, but also with more vulnarable piglets. Piglets that we have to rear in a profitable way, with less antibiotics. To cope with these challenges an excellent start of the piglets is important to unlock their genetic potential. Discover here how…



With 3 new piglet feeding lines 


What is your main concern around weaning:

  • An increased early feed intake before weaning?
  • A higher weaning weight of piglets?
  • Less digestive and health problems after weaning?
  • A lower mortality after weaning?

The ideal prestarter feed to cope with the above challenges depends on farm-specific factors. The main factors determining the prestarter choice are: voluntary feed intake of piglets before and around weaning and the health status on the farm. To help farmers choose the most convenient prestarter feed, Nuscience developed three different piglet feeding lines.

Babi® Delicious

Babi® Delicious focusses on a high feed intake of piglets before and around weaning.  


Babi® Dynamic

Babi® Dynamic combines a high feed intake with a good health support. 


Babi® Robust

Babi® Robust combines an adequate feed intake with a superior health stimulation. 


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