Nuscience Group and CSR

Nuscience Group strongly supports policies regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Sustainability is an important issue throughout our organization. Sustainable production and enterprise is an integral part of our business plan. This includes a comprehensive focus on the needs of society as well as the consequences of all activities on today and tomorrow’s environment. Management and employees are unanimously and unequivocally committed to our social environment through their personal contribution and investment in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Sustainable Enterprise Policy Statement

Our aim is to generate optimal results for our clients and good results for the company. This strategy demonstrably contributes to the main global and local themes:

  • Feeding the growing global population
  • Optimal use of finite resources
  • Reducing impact on the environment

Words and Deeds

We feel it is important to engage with our clients on these critical matters, but even more important are the concrete steps we take in this respect.

  • Reducing our energy consumption
    We reduce our environmental footprint by decreasing our energy consumption and increasing our use of renewable energy sources.
  • Sustainable production of our raw materials
    We stimulate sustainable use of the agricultural land that provides our raw materials. As a major market force, we also work on concrete sustainability norms for everyone involved in the trade and production of raw materials.
  • Training and support of our own personnel
    Our own personnel constitutes our human capital. We therefore actively support the personal development all of our employees, their involvement in the company and in society as a whole.
  • Participation in regional discussions
    We believe that it is important to be in a continuous dialogue with all relevant parties at the regional level to investigate all of the options available within local parameters.
  • Transparent sustainability targets
    We have set ourselves concrete goals and will report on them annually. This includes land use (hectare per ton of meat, eggs or milk), the percentage of co-products in our products and the percentage of renewable energy in the total energy use.